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Talent Development
Career Connection

Talent Development

Internship Program

The BHI Hospitality Internship Program seeks to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Hospitality Industry professionals desirous of sponsoring student internships. Internship is a period of service for a student in a professional field to gain supervised practical experience. There is significant value to be gained for student and employer in completing an internship.
Reasons for BHI Internship Program:

  • To provide students with the best hospitality education, exposure and opportunity.
  • To provide students with meaningful work, career, and professional development experience.
  • Expose students to opportunities in mechanical contracting and bring new professionals to the industry.

Objectives of BHI Internship Program

  • Familiarize students with the hospitality career ladders and lattices.
  • To introduce students to real work assignments.
  • To expose students to management duties within the industry.
  • To enhance the value of students to employers in the industry.
  • To provide academic credit and service learning opportunity. 

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