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Talent Development
Career Connection

Talent Development

Mentorship Program

The Black Hospitality Initiative Mentoring Program enables students to establish business relationships with successful Visitor Industry professionals. Mentors share their time, experience and knowledge with Black Hospitality Initiative students. Mentoring complements academic training and provides fresh, contemporary career perspectives for students.

The Black Hospitality Initiative Mentoring Committee invites interested partners to submit your profile to become a mentor!

Our goal is to have a Mentoring Program that will encourage the development of a meaningful relationship between each mentor and mentee. Ultimately we want you to:

  • Encourage mentees to succeed in college
  • Obtain careers in hospitality
  • Help them establish a foundation that will last a life time

In order to accomplish our goal, we ask a mentor to dedicate a small amount of your time to your mentee at least 3 times a year.
To get started, the first step is to learn more about you, your interests and skills so that we can match them with a prospective mentee. In order for us to learn more about your interests please take a moment to complete the Mentor Profile Form by clicking here. You will find a brief list of questions to answer that will help us match mentors to mentees. After we have made the match we will inform you and put you in contact with your mentee. We will also provide online training materials to help you engage and evaluate your progress with your mentee.

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